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Sports Agents

Our motivation is driven by results, failures and experience, every athlete is different so we treat all our client with a personal concept, tailored to you. Looking for a young, passionate Sports Agent? Contact us today.

Sports Management

We believe in creating a brand for you, opening more doors & extending your career when taking part in no longer available. Contact us today to see what we have to offer in terms of Sports Management.

Our Style

This is our bond, we are here for you, a personal touch to all our clients

We Love It

We have a real passion for all sports, wealth of knowledge and relationships within each sport.


We offer the best guidance throughout your career, we help in all aspects


We take the stress away so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Sports King Agents has a wealth of knowledge and experience in professional rugby for both Union and League. From mentoring young Rugby players through developmental and providing support for off field life goals. Our insights to assist professional rugby players throughout their career with our managerial expertise to ensure an accommodating approach that is tailored to each athlete.

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Football Agent

FA Approved & Registered Football Agent from Grassroots right through to Professional Footballers. We offer the best support and lifestyle choices to get the most out of your Footballing career. A Professional Football player might only play into their mid 30’s so we make sure you can continue on your success long after you hang up your boots.

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Boxing Agents

We are a full-service Boxing Agents providing career management, boxing marketing and business services from Pro boxer to White Collar Boxing. If you are an aspiring Boxer looking to turn Professional then we can guide you through the process and help every ‘Punch’ of the way

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Sports King Agents work with professional or aspiring sporting Athletes who have the passion, discipline and motivation to reach the top of their chosen Sport. We work with Grass roots kids and help them develop onto YTS, Young Boxing talents turn pro and helping Rugby League players get the most out of their career or even cross codes to Rugby Union.

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